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2012-02-19-12 Acrania, polydactyly, 13 weeks © Grochal

Acrania, polydactyly, 13 weeks 

Frantisek Grochal, MD

Femicare, s.r.o., Center of prenatal ultrasonographic diagnostics, Martin, Slovak republic. UVN SNP Ruzomberok, Gynecological and obstetrical department. Catholic University in Ruzomberok, Faculty of Health Care, Ruzomberok, Slovak Republic.

(Edited by Frantisek Grochal)

Case report

Following images show a case of acrania - exencephaly with polydactyly (heptadactyly - seven digits) of a 13 weeks, 0 days old fetus of a  34-year-old woman (G3P1) with non-contributive history.
Here are some of the images that we obtained.

Images 1, 2: 13 weeks, 0 days gestational age; the image 1shows sagittal scan of the fetus with CRL 6.56 cm corresponding to 12 weeks, 6 days of pregnancy - note the nuchal edema of the fetus. The image 2 shows coronal scan of the fetal face with hypertelorism.


Images 3, 4: 13 weeks, 0 days gestational age; the images show slightly hyperechoic fetal kidneys with mild dilatation of renal pelvises.


Images 5, 6: 13 weeks, 0 days gestational age; the image 5 shows female gender of the fetus; the image 6 shows polydactyly of the left hand (heptadactyly - seven digits).


Images 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12: 13 weeks, 0 days gestational age; 3D images showing the fetus with acrania - exencephaly and polydactyly. The exencephalic mass is depicted in red color on images 8 and 10. Nuchal edema is also visible - depicted in purple color on the image 10. Heptadactyly (seven digits) is shown by arrows on the image 8.



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