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2012-06-14-12 Early hydrops ©Tudor Iacovache

Early hydrops

Tudor Iacovache,MD 
Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital, Brasov, Romania. 

Case report:

This is a case of 28-year-old patient (G2P1) with early hydrops in pregnancy. Her first pregnancy was normal.
8-week transvaginal scan showed an abnormal embryo with 
increased fluid accumulation around the head and thorax and also fluid inside the chest, around the heart. A repeat scan was done after 3 weeks, which showed massive cystic hygroma and hydrothorax. The pregnancy was terminated, no other investigations were performed.
Early embryo abnormalities was suggestive of cystic hygroma and hydrop.

Image 1-4: At 8 weeks

 Image 5-7:  At 11 weeks

Video 1, 2: At 8 weeks and 11 weeks, respectively.

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