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2012-06-31-12 Sacro-lumbar myelomeningocele ©2012Fabrice Cuillier 

Sacro-lumbar myelomeningocele at 13 weeks

Fabrice Cuillier, MD.*, Midwife Mardamootoo D.*, Bideault J.**.
*            Department of Gynecology, Félix Guyon’Hospital, 97400 Saint-Denis, Ile de la Réunion, France.
**           Department of Gynecology, Communal’s Hôpital, 97300 Saint-Benois, Ile de la Réunion, France.

Case report: 

This was the seventh pregnancy of a non-consanguinous couple (40 years old). The first sonography was performed at 12 weeks with an abnormal findings of a cord cyst.

The patient was referred to our antenatal unit with the following findings: 

Figure 1, 2: A cord cyst, without abnormal vascularisation.

Figure 3-6: A sacral and lumbar spina bifida was suspected, with a myelo-meningocele.  

Figure 7: A moderate bilateral pyelectasis with normal bladder. 

Figure 8An abnormal nuchal translucency. Internal nuchal translucency could not be measured.

Figure 9: Moderate bilateral ventriculomegaly without dilatation of the third ventricle were observed at 13 weeks.

Figure 10-13: Postmorterm appearance

The other findings appeared normal: normal 3D view of the face and normal hands with five fingers. Gender seemed male. 
Fetal movements were physiologica, but the inferior limbs did not move.

The parent decided to terminate the pregnancy. The serological tests were normal (Toxoplasmosis, Rubela, CMV, Herpes, Chikungunya). Fetal karyotype was normal. Post-mortem analysis confirmed our diagnoses: cord cyst and myelo-meningocele. 

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