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2012-07-09-09 Monosomy X  ©Fabrice Cuillier

Monosomy X

Muresan Marius Bogdan, MD., Muresan Maria Cezaram, MD., Dance Laura, MD.

Prenatal Diagnosis Centre - President Clinic, Timisoara, Romania
Case report:
This is a 28 year-old, G1P0, patient with the early pregnancy revealed Monosomy X mosaicism ( Mosaic Turner syndrome) by chorionic villus sampling.
These are the following ultrasound scans at 12 and 14 weeks:

Figure 1: At 12 weeks showing cystic hygroma

Figure 2, 3:
14 weeks showing fetal hydrops. 

Figure 4: Normal tricuspid flow

Figure 5: Retrograde ductus venosus flow

Figure 6, 7: At 14 weeks, highly suspicions of coartation of aorta (Ao) ( small aorta versus pulmonary trunk (PT))

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