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2012-07-31-10 Cephalocele, parietal ©Elena Andreeva
Cephalocele,  parietal

Elena Andreeva, MD; Natalia Odegova, MD
Moscow regions Research Institute of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Medical-Genetics Department, Moscow, Russia.

Case report:

A 27-year-old patient, G1 P0, with non-contributive family and unremarkable personal history was referred to our center for the ultrasound scan at 27 weeks of gestation. We had found an encephalocele during our examinations. No other abnormalities were detected. There was premature labor at 29 weeks. The child died.


Image 1: Normal-appearing brain ventricles

Image 2: Normal facial profile 


Images 3, 4: Images showing a sagittal view of the fetus with a protruding brain tissue


Image 5,6:
Images showing  3D reconstruction


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