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2012-08-05-10  Encephalocele, Dandy Walker cyst, omphalocele, cleft lip ©Jayprakash Shah

Encephalocele, two case reports

Rajni Fetal Medicine center, Ahmedabad, India
Case 1: This is a case of Dandy Walker cyst , encephalocele, omphalocele, increased nuchal transluency.
Primigravida, non consanguineous marriage, unremarkable family history
First scan showed  fetal biometry corresponding to LMP at 15 weeks 4 dayswith these following findings:

Figure 1: Dandy Walker -  Wide cerebellum with enlarged cisterna magna, Wide "V" connection between 4th ventricle &  cisterna magna , increased nuchal translucency with septa

Figure 2: Encephalocele associated

Figure 3: Omphalocele - Associated omphalocele noted

Figure 4:
 3D of Encephalocele (right) & Omphalocele (left)


Figure 5: Enlarged  cisterna magna & encephalocele

Figure 6: Omphalocele

Figure 7: Enlarge cisterna magna with gap in calvarium and encephalocele 

All these findings were suggestive of multiple fetal malformations - Dandy walker malformation, encephalocele, omphalocele 

Case 2: Anterior encephalocele with  midline cleft lip, palate 

26-year-old patient, G4P2, non-consanguineous marriage, unremarkable history, married for 6 yr was referred for a mass over face at 15 weeks of pregnancy.
Ultrasound findings were: anterior encephalocele with  midline cleft lip, palate involving whole anterior cranium was diagnosed.
Karyotype after termination was suggested but the patient refused and decided to end the pregnancy.

Series of 3D images show the tranverse and sagital plans of the encephalocele:

Video clip 1: 2D scan showing the anterior encephalocele and the cleft lip and cleft palate.

Video clip 2:  4D scan 

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