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2012-08-13-14 Hypoplastic right heart syndrome ©Jayprakash Shah

Hypoplastic right heart syndrome 

Rajni Fetal Medicine center, Ahmedabad, India

Case report:

29-year-old patient, G4P3, non consanguineous marriage, unremakable personal and family history.

Previous scan at 14 weeks was normal. 

At 28 weeks following findings were observed.

Figure 1: Absence of filling of right ventricle, relative small right ventricle. Left side & right atrium showed blood filling

Figure 2: Thickened echogenic tricuspid valve. Almost obliterated right ventricle.

Figure 3: 3-vessel view, small pulmonary with reversal of flow in pulmonary - ductus dependent flow

Figure 4: 3D inversion mode of chest and showing aortic arch, ductal arch not visible, flow from umbilical artery, portal, ductus venosus joining to inferior vena cava & right atrium seen.

Video: Showing atretic tricuspid valve, thick echogenic, not opening at all, no flow through tricuspid valve. Flow from right atrium to left ventricle and right ventricle; intact intraventricular septum was noted.


Prognosis explained, need for post delivery NICU care & cardiology opinion was explained. Karyotype was not suggested.

Patient opted for termination & lost for follow up. The fetus was not available for autopsy.  

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