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Articles » Cardiovascular » Transposition of great arteries
2012-12-10-16 Transposition of great vessel ©Jayprakash Shah

Double outlet right ventricle with transposition of great vessels

Jayprakash Shah
Rajni Fetal Medicine center, Ahmedabad, India
Case report:

Mrs ABC, age 26-year-old, G2P1A0, non consanguineous marriage. Previous scan reported normal. 
Cardiac malformation was suspected at 18 weeks scan & was referred for fetal echo.
On scanning following pictures & video recorded.
Figure 1, 2 & 3: Biometry suggestive of late IUGR.

Figure 4-6: Large VSD with transposition of great vessel. Both great vessels comitted to the right ventricle

Video 1: Large VSD with transposition of great vessel. Aorta to right of main pulmonary artery.

Video 2: Large VSD with transposition of great vessel in color

Video 3: Transposition of great vessel confirming 1st vessel to come out of heart is main pulmonary artery with branching.

Fetus died in utero preterm. Autopsy was performed with consent.
Post delivery karyotype was done FISH & karyotype normal.
Self explanatory labeled autopsy photographs are attached.

Figure 7-10: Pathology

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