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2013-04-20-10 Hypoplastic right heart syndrome © Chauhan


Hypoplastic right heart syndrome

Binodini M. Chauhan, MD*; Purvi D. Desai, MD**

*    Fetal medicine consultant; Surat, India.

**  Department of Radiology, Government medical college, Surat, India.

Following images show a cases of hypoplastic right heart syndrome combined with transposition of the great arteries.

Images 1, 2, and 3: The image 1 shows normal visceral situs; the image 2 shows four-chamber view of the heart with hypoplastic right ventricle; the image 3 shows single inflow across the mitral valve of the heart.


Images 4, 5: The images show three-vessel view of the heart with prominent aorta (the pulmonary artery is not visible, because runs parallel below the aorta).


Images 6, 7: The images show sagittal scans of transposed aortic and pulmonary artery arches running parallel.


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