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2013-06-28-09 Syndactyly and microduplication of chromosome 22 © Bronshtein

Syndactyly and microduplication of chromosome 22

Moshe Bronshtein
, MD

Haifa, Israel.

Case report

This was a low risk pregnancy first time seen at 15 weeks of gestation. Our ultrasonographic examination found non separation of the third and fourth finger of both hands. The fingers were kept in flexed position and the phenomenon was present also during the next examination at 16 weeks. Chromosomal study was normal, but CGH (Comparative Genomic Hybridization) found microduplication of chromosome 22. The pregnancy was terminated.

Images 1, 2, and video 1: 15 weeks of gestation; the images and video shows syndactyly of third and fourth finger of fetal hands. 


Image 3: Image of the hand with syndactyly of the third and fourth finger taken after abortion

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