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2013-07-03-09 Giant hemangioma of the tongue © Olavarria

Giant hemangioma of the tongue

Alberto Sosa Olavarria, MD; Juan Ledezma Del Corral, Argenis Cortez, Flavio Boscaja. 

Metropolitan Hospital, Valencia, Venezuela.

Case report

A 25-year-old woman (G1P0) was referred to our hospital at 26 weeks of gestation due to a tumorous lesion of the fetal tongue that was considered to be an epignathus. Physical examination of the mother revealed a small hemangioma of her tongue. In mother family there were also hemangiomas diagnosed in some of her relatives.

Ultrasonographic examination of the fetus found a giant, well vascularized tumorous mass protruding out of fetal mouth. Considering the anamnesis and the finding, diagnosis of the giant hemangioma of the tongue was presumed. Cesarean section was performed at 39 weeks. The newborn weighing 3800 g had to be intubated and required ventilation. Giant tumor originating in the tongue was protruding from the mouth of the newborn. As the bleeding within the tumor occurred, condom was placed on the tongue to stop it. The newborn underwent embolization of the feeding vessels of the mass and subsequent surgical removal of the tumor. Histological study of the tumor confirmed hemangioma of the tongue. Postoperative course was normal and the newborn doing well.

Images 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8: Prenatal ultrasonographic images of the fetus with the giant hemangioma of the tongue.





Video 1: Prenatal ultrasonographic appearance of the giant hemangioma of the fetal tongue.

Images 9, 10: Postnatal images of the fetus with the giant hemangioma of the tongue. Condom is placed on the tongue to stop the intraparenchymal bleeding that occurred after delivery.


Image 11: Postnatal X-ray during embolization of feeding vessels of the giant lingual hemangioma.

Images 12, 13, 14: Perioperative images and histological specimen of the hemangioma of the tongue. 


Image 15, 16: Appearance of the tongue of the newborn after surgical removal of the lingual hemangioma.


Image 17: Mother of the newborn also had small hemangioma of the tongue.

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