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2013-10-22-18 Diaphragmatic hernia, first trimester © Andreeva
Caudal regression syndrome

Elena Andreeva, MD; Natalia Odegova, MD.

Moscow regions Research Institute of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Medical-Genetics Department, Russia..

Case report

This is a case of a 22-year-old primigravida with non-contributive personal or family history. She was referred to our department at 22nd week of her pregnancy because of suspicion of spina bifida. Karyotype was normal (46XX). Our examination revealed caudal regression syndrome of the fetus and the pregnancy was terminated. Here are some images that we obtained.

Images 1, 2: 22 weeks of gestation; Image 1 shows lemon-shaped skull of the fetus; the image
2 shows spinal column with absent caudal part distally from the level of the fourth lumbar vertebra. 


Images 3, 4: 22 weeks of gestation; Image 3 shows iliac wings positioned abnormally close to each other; Image 4 shows horseshoe kidney of the fetus.


Image 5: 22 weeks of gestation; the image show thoracolumbar region of the spine with spina bifida and diastematomyelia.

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