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2014-06-20-11 Partial molar pregnancy © Shah

Partial molar pregnancy

Deval Shah, MD.

Astha hospital, Deesa, Gujarat, India. 


Case report

Following images and video show a case of partial mole seen in a 12 weeks old fetus. The fetal morphology was normal, nuchal thickness 1.1 mm, normal nasal bone and ductal flow. A small hematoma was observed at the lower edge of the placenta accompanied with mild vaginal bleeding. The placenta was thickenned consited of normal and abnormal placental tissue with multiple cystic structures.

Images 1, 2, 3, and video 1: The images and video show 12 weeks old pregnancy with partial mole. Normal fetus and partial molar placenta with multiple small cystic structures can be seen.



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