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2015-02-03-19 Thoracic meningocele © Shah

Thoracic meningocele

Jayprakash Shah, MD.

Rajni Hospital, Fetal Medicine center, Ahmedabad, India.


Case report

Following images and videos show a case of thoracic meningocele diagnosed at 20 weeks of pregnancy. Mother was 26-year-old secundigravida with non-contributive history.

Images 1, 2, 3: Cranial findings secondary to thoracic meningocele: lemon-shaped skull, dilated lateral ventricles, and cerebellar "banana sign".


Videos 1, 2, 3: Transverse and sagittal scans showing thoracic meningocele of the fetus.


Images 4, 5: 3D images showing thoracic meningocele of the fetus.


Images 6, 7: Postabortion images of the fetus with thoracic meningocele.


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