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2015-08-31-21 Chest lymphangioma © Shah

Chest lymphangioma

Jayprakash Shah, MD.

Rajni Hospital, Fetal Medicine center, Ahmedabad, India.


Case report

20-year-old primigravida was sent to our center at 25 weeks of her pregnancy. Her previous ultrasonographic examination at 12 weeks was reported to be normal. Our examination revealed multilocular tumorous lesion under the skin of the chest protruding above right shoulder of the fetus. Lymphangioma was suspected. The newborn was delivered at term via cesarean section and the diagnosis was confirm. The tumor was surgically removed and the child is doing well.

Following images and videos shows the multilocular cystic mass of the fetal chest lymphangioma reaching and protruding about the right shoulder:







Postnatal appearance of the newborn with tumorous mass (lymphangioma) above the right shoulder.


Pathological specimen showing gross inner structure of the lymphangioma.

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