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Articles » Cardiovascular » Transposition of great arteries
2015-10-12  Transposition of great arteries - 1º trimester  © Tudor Iacovache

Transposition of great arteries - 1º trimester
Tudor Iacovache, MD.
Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital, Brasov, Romania.

Case report

A 26 year-old patient(G1P0) seen in our unit  at 13 weeks of pregnancy. Transposition of great arteries was suspected and confirmed at later examination.

Images 1-4: 2D and doppler images showing transposition of great arteries. Image 1 shows ventricular septal defect. The image 2 shows a three-vessel view of the heart with only transposed aorta and superior cava vein visible. Image 3 shows aorta and ductus arteriousus; image 4 shows the pulmonary artery.


Images 5, 6:
2D oblique sections of the heart show parrallel course of transposed great arteries. Ao - Aorta; PA - Pulmonary Artery.


Videos 1, 2:
2D and doppler images showing transposition of great arteries.

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