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2016-02-09  Cleft lip and palate  © Lilit Hovsepyan

Cleft lip and palate - 12 weeks
Erebouni Medical Center, Armenia.

Case report

A 28 year-old woman with no history of congenital cleft lip or palate in either parents. Our first examination was at 12 weeks of gestation. During this examination we discovered a cleft lip and a gap in the palate. We had suspicion of a cleft palate and asked the patient to come one month later. After our examination they did an ultrasound at 20 weeks in another clinic which did not confirm our suspicion.
The next visit to our clinic was at 31-32 weeks of gestation and confirmed the diagnosis of cleft lip associated with cleft palate.

Here are some images that we obtained in her first visit (12 weeks) at our center.

Images 1, 2 and 3: 2D images showing normal nuchal translucency and cleft lip (image 2). Tomographic ultrasound axial images through  the fetal face showing cleft palate (image 3).

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