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2017-01-22  Amniotic band syndrome  © Lilit Hovsepyan

Amniotic band syndrome
Lilit Hovsepyan, MD.
Erebouni Medical Center, Armenia.

Case report

3D and gross pathlogy images show a case of limb defects due to amniotic band syndrome after prenatal misoprostol exposure. The mother was 27-year old with unremarkable history.
She took seven (7)  pills of misoprostol at 7-8 weeks of gestational age and thought the pregnancy was terminated.
She came to our clinic because of "perception of movements" in her abdomen. Our ultrasound examination revealed a live 22 weeks pregnancy. The exam showed limb defects of the fetus, severe constriction of the right lower limb with edematous, nearly amputated distal part of the lower limb and foot; and missing third, fourth and fifth finger of the left hand.
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