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2017-04-03  Mature ovarian teratoma  © Marcos Velasco

Mature ovarian teratoma

Case report

Following 2D and 3D images represent a case of mature ovarian teratoma or dermoid cyst.
Typically an ovarian dermoid is seen as a cystic adnexal mass with some mural components. Most lesions are unilocular.

There are many common findings but in this case we can see the so called ¨tip of the iceberg sign¨ in the image 2, which is an echogenic structure interface that obscures the deep structures; and multiples mural nodules.
Other common findings (not seen in our case) are: echogenic, shadowing calcific or dental (tooth) components, the presence of fluid-fluid levels, multiple thin, echogenic bands caused by the hair in the cyst cavity, and no internal vascularity.

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