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Articles » Gastrointestinal anomalies, spleen & abdominal wall » Diaphragmatic hernia
2017-07-16  Right-sided diaphragmatic hernia  © Emmanuel Julien

Right-sided diaphragmatic hernia

Case report

A young woman came to our unit for routine ultrasonographic examination at 23  weeks of gestation. First trimester screening was normal and her clinical background too.
In our examination we found a interruption of the right diaphragma with liver passing through the defect, located in the right hemithorax.
This main finding was associated with pleural effusion, displacement of the heart and right umbilical vein.
No other anomalies were found.


Images 1-4, videos 1, 2 and 3: 2D and Doppler images in different planes showing a right diaphragmatic hernia with liver passing through the defect, pleural effusion, deviation of the cardiac axias and right umbilical vein.

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