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2000-11-24-14 Echogenic lung mass, in-utero fetal demise © Hurtado

Echogenic lung mass, in-utero fetal demise

Laura Hurtado, MD,

Buenos Aires, Argentina  

This 23-year-old patient, G2P1, had a routine examination at 16 weeks and 5 days of pregnancy (according to LMP), with the following findings:

  • Intrathoracic mass of increased echogenicity containing small cysts,

  • Displacement of the heart (to the right thoracic wall), and

  • Diaphragmatic inversion towards the abdomen

  • Biometry consistent with LMP.


A reexamination at 22 w and 6 days demonstrated a biparietal diameter of 62 mm (24 w) femoral length 35 mm (20 w). There was hydrops and edema and short limbs. The mass was still present and displaced the heart.



A further examination at 25 w demonstrated a biparietal diameter of 66 mm (26 w) and femoral length of 39 mm (21 w and two days). The hydrops, edema and polyhydramnios increased.



Intrauterine fetal demise occurred at 28 w and 6 days....



Parents didn"t authorized an autopsy, so the nature of the lung mass is unknown but consistent with a Congenital lobar adenomatosis, type III

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