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2002-03-01-14 Lymphangioma © Navarro



Julio Navarro, MD

Hospital Materno Infantil 1° de Mayo. Instituto Salvadoreño del Seguro Social. San Salvador El Salvador C.A.

This is a 42-year-old woman G5P3P0A1V3 with no remarkable history. She had a routine ultrasound examination at 32 week gestation. The morphological evaluation of the fetus revealed a mixed mass 60 x 50 mm that apparently involved right gluteal region, the rest of the anatomy was normal. We suspected a sacrococcygeal teratoma type I or Hemangioma. Doppler revealed no vascularity in the mass

Mixed mass 

Mild pyelectasis

Longitudinal view, the mixed mass, normal spine and sacrum

At delivery the baby had the mass described by ultrasound and the pediatrician considered it to be a lymphangioma.


Normal face

Newborn male with the mass on the right gluteal

An X-ray study of the skeleton was normal. 

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