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2000-01-25-14 Tumors of skin © Meizner

Tumors of skin

Israel Meizner, MD 

Malignant melanoma

This is a rare tumor capable of metastasizing into distant organs. Such a case has been described where a large lesion occupied part of the skin, covering the spine with distant metastases in the liver, lungs and placenta[1]. 


Definition : A benign tumor consisting of a mass of blood vessels.

Ultrasound picture of the fetal face. The yellow arrow marks a large hemangioma of the face. The red arrow aims at the fetal orbit.


Post-mortem picture of the newborn.


[1] Campbell, W.A., Storlazzi, E., Vintzileos, A.M. Fetal malignant melanoma: ultrasound presentation and review of the literature. Obstet Gynecol 1983; 70:43.

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