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2000-01-26-18 Tumors of the extremities © Meizner

Tumors of the extremities

Israel Meizner, MD 

Tumors of the extremities include :

1. Vascular hamartosis – a malformation in which newly formed vessels proliferate. 

2. Klippel-Weber-Trenaunay syndrome should be considered in the differential diagnosis. The hemangiomas may vary in size and location. Some authors do not consider them to be true tumors, but rather suspect them to represent vascular malformations.


Huge hemangioma of the fetal thigh (arrow).

Arterial Doppler signals obtained from blood vessels within the tumor.

Picture of the newborn after delivery. Note the huge hemangioma.

3. Lymphangioma. A cavernous lymphangioma involves the lymphatic vessels and is related to cystic hygroma, thus considered a malformation.

4. Sarcoma – mainly rhabdomyosarcoma. This should be distinguished from infantile myofibromatosis.      


Ultrasound picture of the fetal leg demonstrating a large tumor mass of the right leg (arrow).


Picture of the abortus. Note the tumor mass described in fig. 17. The final histologic diagnosis was Rhabdomyosarcoma.

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