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2000-08-23-18 Pentalogy of Cantrell at 12 weeks © Sosa-Palaviccini

Pentalogy of Cantrell at 12 weeks

Miguel Octavio Sosa-Palaviccini, MD

Dpto. de Ginecologia y Obstetricia, Hospital Universitario Dr Antonio M Pineda, Final Av Vargas. Barquisimeto. Venezuela

This is a Pentalogy of Cantrell (see also Pentalogy of Cantrell) at 12 weeks.

M-mode of ectopic heart with heart rate 178 bpm.


Doppler shows the thoracic ectopia cordis and  the omphalocele.


Possible asymmetry of the choroid plexuses.

Lateral view of the fetus demonstrating the ectopia cordis (middle of the image) and the omphalocele (extreme right).

After fixation. Note the ectopia cordis (red arrow), the omphalocele (cyan arrow) and the radial ray aplasia (yellow arrow. and magnified view).

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