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2002-07-09-11 Ovarian cyst © Teker

Ovarian cyst 

Ismail Teker, MD


The mother was G1P0 and19 years old. She had her first scan at 10 weeks gestation and the fetus was normal. Her second ultrasound exam was performed at 33 weeks gestation. At this week, the ultrasound exam showed a cystic lesion approximately 35 mm diameter in the fetal abdomen. The cystic mass was at the right side of the fetus and lying between the liver and bladder. The cyst showed a fluid-fluid layer. There was no abnormality detected in the liver, kidneys, bladder and gastrointestinal tract. The fetal biometric study was normal. The amniotic fluid amount was normal and the sex of the fetus is female. We thought that, this fetus has right ovary cyst. The next ultrasound was completed at 36 weeks gestation. In the exam, the abdominal cystic mass was still present at the same location and dimension. However, the fluid-fluid layer changed. The baby was born, without any complication. In her first month of age, she had an operation. The pathologic examination of the specimen  revealed “simple ovarian cyst” on the right side.







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