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Articles » Central nervous system » Lipoma of the corpus callosum

2002-06-05-12 Lipoma of the corpus callosum © Malinger


Lipoma of the corpus callosum


Gustavo Malinger*,Tally Lerman-Sagie*, Dorit Lev*, Liat Ben Sira#,Jeffry Jacobson^, Reuwen Achiron+.


The Prenatal Neuro Genetic Clinic, The Edith Wolfson Medical Center*, The Pediatric Radiology Unit, Tel Aviv Medical Center#, The Pediatric Radiology Unit^ and Ob-Gyn Ultrasound Unit+, The Haiim Sheva Medical Center, Israel.


A 32 year old pregnant woman was referred for second opinion ultrasound at 35 weeks. The pregnancy had been followed by serial ultrasound examination because of mild ventriculomegaly since the 23rd week of gestation. The following pictures were obtained

A fetal MRI at 34 weeks failed to show any pathologic finding.

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