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 2012-05-18-09 Case of the week #324 © Saadi

Case of the week #324

August 2th, 2012 - August 16th, 2012

Hanane Saadi1; Nissrine Mamouni1; Zineb Lakhssassi2; Majda Zakraoui3; Sanaa Errarhay1; Nadia Sqalli Houssaini3; Chahrazed Bouchikhi1; Siham.Tizniti3; Abdelhak Bouharrou2; Abdelaziz Banani1.

1 Department of gynecology-obstetric, University Hospital Hassan II, Fez 30 000, Morocco
2 Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, University Hospital Hassan II, Fez 30 000, Morocco
3 Department of radiology, University Hospital Hassan II, Fez 30000, Morocco

(Edited by F.G.)

Case report

A 40-year-old woman (G5P2) was examined in our department at 36 weeks of her pregnancy. Her previous examinations were reported to be normal.

Our ultrasound examination found a fetus of overall normal biometry, except of abdominal circumference reaching 97th percentile.

The male neonate was delivered at term (2700 g, Apgar score 7/10/10). Laboratory tests showed thrombocytopenia (80,000/mm3).

Here are some of the images that we obtained:

Image 1: 36 weeks of gestational age

Images 2, 3, 4, and 5: CT images

Images 6, 7: Postnatal images (after delivery - image 6; three months after delivery - image 7)

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