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2020-03-23  Case of the week # 518  © Javier Cortejoso

Case of the week # 518
April 16, 2020 - June 4, 2020

Javier Cortejoso, MD, Phd ; Henar Crespo, MD ; Ana Ferrero, MD.

Case report
A 40-years-old patient, (G3P1), was referred at 20+1 weeks of gestation for routine obstetrical ultrasound examination. 
Due to the incidental finding, we performed amniocentesis for fetal karyotype, with a normal result. 
The rarity and uncertainty of the prenatal ultrasound findings prompted us to undertake prenatal MRI to define better the finding and its relationship with adjacent organs. 
We obtained the following images:

Images 1-4.
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