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2002-09-15-22 Gallstones © Mohamed


Goubaa Mohamed MD 

Djerba, Tunisia

A 26-year-old G4P3 patient underwent her first prenatal ultrasound at 17 weeks of pregnancy. This first ultrasound examination demonstrated normal anatomy. At 34 weeks, the ultrasound once again demonstrated normal intracranial and intrathoracic anatomy. Fetal biometry was consistent with 34 weeks of gestation. Some echogenic structures were visualized within the gallbladder. The gallbladder was somewhat prominent, but the liver appeared normal. A follow-up neonatal abdominal ultrasound examination revealed:

*A increased number of gallstones at one day after birth.

*A normal gallbladder without gallstones 15 day after birth. 


Gallstones 34 weeks



Gallstones one day after birth


No gallstones 15 days after birth


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