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2002-09-19-16 Trisomy, 18 3D rendering © Bircher

Trisomy 18, 3D rendering

Ana Bircher, MD, Fernando Heredia, MD.

Women"s Health Alliance, Nashville, Tennessee.


Case report

This is a 35-week fetus with trisomy 18. He was initially referred for growth retardation. The examination was consistent with Trisomy 18.

Fetal head: Mild ventriculomegaly and Dandy-Walker variant.



The fetal spine was normal.


The abdomen was also unremarkable.


The following are 3D rendering images along with the postdelivery photos.

Fetal face: mild retrognathia.


Hypertelorism with short palpebral fissures.



The hands showed the typical "clenched fist" with overlapping of the 3rd digit by the second and the 4th by the 5th.


Fetal genitals: Labia majora hypoplasia with prominent clitoris.


Fetal rockerbottom feet with short and dorsiflexed hallux

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