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Articles » Central nervous system » Craniopharyngioma
2000-04-21-18 Craniopharyngioma © Sosa

Alberto Sosa Olavarría, MD, PhD, Luis Díaz Guerrero, MD, A.Bermudez, A.Reigoza Y*

Perinatology Unit and *Dept. of Pthology, Carabobo University, Valencia – Venezuela

This is another example of Craniopharyngioma. When compare to the other case (Craniopharyngioma. and Case #7) the similarity of the images is stricking.

Axial and sagittal views of the tumor. Note the central location, the small hyperechoic reflectors that might represent calcification, and the rather homogeneous texture.

Power Doppler does not disclose much vascularity inside the lesion, but the middle cerebral artery is displaced.

Autopsy: the large tumor displace the normal landmarks.


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