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2003-11-11-16 Trisomy, 18 © Larrazábal

Trisomy 18, 3D rendering

Natasha Larrazábal, MD, Yelice Castro MD.

Sonography Unit Military Hospital “Carlos Arvelo”. Caracas-Venezuela.

This 35-year-old patient was first scanned at 12 weeks and we suspected some anomalies since we could no insonate the ductus venosus.

Patient refused the amniocentesis and had a triple screening at 15 weeks. The sonography at 17 weeks showed:


Choroid plexus cysts:


Severe micrognathia:


Congenital diaphragmatic hernia:


Agenesis of the ductus venosus. We suspected  type 5 for the presence of  a large inferior vena cava:


And persistent pulsatility of waveform umbilical vein:


Single umbilical artery:


Polihydramnios was observed:

We suspected for findings associated trisomy 18 and pregnancy was interrupted at 19 weeks, the final karyotype report:



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