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2004-08-11-15 Echogenic kidneys, bilateral © Bigi

Echogenic kidneys, bilateral 

Fabienne Bigi, DMS


This was a third trimester fetus with bilateral echogenic kidneys in a 26-year-old primigravida.  The size, shape and vascularization of the kidneys appeared normal.The amniotic fluid volume was normal and there was no other anomaly. The Finnish type nephrotic syndrome was evoked but maternal alpha-fetoproteins were low (< 0.74 MoM). Both parents had undergone a renal sonography (which proved to be normal) to eliminate an autosomal dominant adult polycystic kidney disease. The pregnancy continued normally without problem.  A healthy female baby was delivered.

Assessments at birth and 1 month:

-Clinical examination of the baby was normal.
-A postnatal renal ultrasound confirmed the antenatal findings of regular, normal sized and hyperechoic kidneys with few small cortical cysts.
- The only significant finding was a slightly higher creatinine level. 

This bilateral renal hyperechogenicity could probably represent a simple alternative of physiology.

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