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2007-27-11-01 Hemivertebra and skin tag © Kacar
Hemivertebra and skin tag


Alaattin Kacar, MD; Mehmet Uslu, MD.

Balikesir, Turkey.

These are some images demonstrating a lateral hemivertebrae and a skin tag of the chin, detected at 27 weeks of pregnancy. The fetus does not have characteristics of Goldenhar syndrome.

Images 1, 2: Parasagittal images of the fetal head with the skin tag sticking out of the chin.


Images 3, 4: Coronal views of the spine with the lateral hemivertebra.


Images 5, 6: X-ray images of the baby"s spine showing the lateral hemivertebra.



Image 7: Postnatal appearance of the baby with the facial skin tag.


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