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1999-06-02-18 Twin embolization syndrome © Silva


Twin embolization syndrome

Sandra Rejane Silva, MD2, Luís Flávio de Andrade Gonçalves, MD1, Philippe Jeanty, MD, PhD3

[1] Florianopolis, SC Brazil [email protected] , [2] Sao Paulo – SP [email protected] [3] Nashville, TN [email protected]

Adapted and reproduced with permission from TKI Medcon Inc. http:/


Twin embolization syndrome is a complication of monozygotic twinning following in utero demise of the co-twin. It results from the embolization of placentary and fetal thromboplastins or to the direct embolization of necrosed fragments of the placenta from the dead fetus, disseminated intravascular coagulation causing embolization, or even an infectious endarteritis.

The emboli damage predominantly highly vascular organs such as the brain and kidneys, but can affect almost all organ systems. In the central nervous system these emboli can result in ventriculomegaly, porencephaly, cerebral atrophy, cystic encephalomalacia or microcephaly

Extracranial abnormalities include small bowel atresia, gastroschisis, hydrothorax, aplasia cutis and renal cortical necrosis

Sonographic features

Dead twin associated with a surviving twin with:

    • CNS anomalies
    • ventriculomegaly,
    • porencephaly,
    • cerebral atrophy,
    • cystic encephalomalacia
    • microcephaly
    • Somatic anomalies
    • small bowel atresia,
    • gastroschisis,
    • hydrothorax,
    • aplasia cutis
    • renal cortical necrosis

Image50.jpg (8354 bytes)

Cystic encephalomalacia in the surviving of a stuck twin syndrome

Differential diagnosis

The presence of any of the above mentioned anomalies in the surviving twin with a dead co-twin should raise the suspicion.

Associated syndromes

Twin-to-twin transfusion (cause)


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