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2013-10-29-16 Cephalocele, anterior © Sanchez
Cephalocele, anterior

Marcos Antonio Velasco Sanchez, MD; Emmanuel Guillen Celestino, MD; Alfonso Orozco Otero, MD; Ines Huerta Herrera, MD; Leticia Montes Celestino, MD.

Hospital General de la S.S.A. Ometepec, Guerrero, Mexico. Centro de Estudios e Investigacion en Ultrasonido General del Estado de Guerrero, Mexico. Facultad de Medicina de la Universidad Autonoma de Guerrero, Mexico.

Case report

A 23-year-old-woman (G1P0) with unremarkable history was referred to our department at 36 weeks of gestation for a routine ultrasound. Our investigation revealed irregularly shaped skull with solid brain mass protruding anteriorly to the forehead: an anterior cephalocele. No other malformations were seen. Postnatal investigation confirmed the findings. Here are some images that we obtained.

Images 1-5: The images show a mass of the cephalocele protruding out of the fetal face.



Images 6-9: The images show disorganized brain tissue within the fetal skull due to the anterior cephalocele.


Images 10-14: Postnatal images of the fetus with anterior cephalocele.



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