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2000-11-24-16 Pericardial cyst © Sosa
Pericardial cyst

Alberto Sosa Olavarría,  MD, PhD,

Perinatology Unit, Carabobo University, Valencia – Venezuela.

This is a fetus that has a pericardial cyst, a rare entity.


Lewis KM, Sherer DM, Goncalves LF, Fromberg RA, Eglinton GS Mid-trimester prenatal sonographic diagnosis of a pericardial cyst. Prenat Diagn 1996 Jun;16(6):549-53  
Prenatal diagnosis of pericardial masses are infrequent and usually consist of intrapericardial teratomas or haemangiomas. We present the first report of prenatal diagnosis of a suspected pericardial cyst at 14 weeks" gestation which was subsequently confirmed by neonatal computed tomography.

Gupta R, Carachi R Pseudopericardial cyst in a neonate--a case report and review of the literature.Z Kinderchir 1989 Jun;44(3):162-3 
Report on a pericardial cyst called a pseudopericardial cyst. In a female newborn with cyanosis a mediastinal tumour was noticed on a thorax x-ray, interpreted at first as an enteral duplication. Surgery revealed a pericardial cyst. This was confirmed by histological examination.

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