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Comments from reviewers

The ultrasound detection of chromosomal anomalies

I was most impressed! I found the format to be user friendly and easy to follow, the ultrasound pictures were very good and the corresponding autopsy photos were extremely helpful. I have the following comments:

  1. The genetics part of the CD made a difficult subject much easier to understand. While I am certainly not an expert in this area I learned so much! The pictures of the chromosomes were well done. The format/colors kept you interested.
  2. I learned much more about the following topics, and/or was VERY glad to see you bring them up:
    • dysgenesis of the corpus callosum,
    • omphalocele,
    • brachycephaly,
    • pericardial effusion,
    • 2 vessels cord,
    • wormian bones,
    • nuchal lucency/fold,
    • low nasal bridge,
    • malrotation of the bowel (hard to see on initial ultrasound picture, but when you separated this out from the background of the ultrasound picture, I thought the special effect here of the "fade away" was wonderful and quite unique!),
    • simian crease (I had been skeptical about seeing the simian crease, but you showed me differently! What great ultrasound pictures),
    • Scoring Systems: "gives the false impression of precision". I couldn’t have been happier to hear this, and you couldn’t have stated it better! This is so important for people to understand.
    • double ossification center of manubrium,
    • iliac angle,
    • cord cysts
  1. Your bar graphs were informative without being boring. I usually don’t like to look at many of these, but yours kept my interest. Colors and "special effects" really helped. I think the color and special effects help one to retain it in memory better as well.
  2. I had a lot of fun watching this CD which by the way- takes time to do. Maybe if you could put "running time" on the CD cover people might like that?

Susan B., RT(R), RDMS
Ultrasound Education Coordinator
Division of Maternal-Fetal Medicine

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