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2019-09-09  Acrania  © Zineb Chaqchaq

Zineb Chaqchaq, MD; Saoud Karam; Fouzia Hilali; Nisrine Mamouni; Saana Errarhay; Chahrazed Bouchikhi; Abdelaziz Banani.
Case report
We report 2 cases of acrania diagnosed prenatally during a morphological ultrasound performed at the CHU Hassan II of Fes to a 23-year-old patient at 15 weeks of amenorrhea and to a 30-year-old patient to 24 weeks of amenorrhea. The acranie is a rare and lethal malformation characterized by a lack of development of neurocranium while brain tissue is present, often abnormal.

Case 1

Case 2
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