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2019-12-13  Winners of the case of the week for 2019 - Winners' list  ©

Winners of the case of the week for 2019 - Winners' list
This is the 21th year that we are posting the list of winners. Overall 270 participants found at least one correct answer for our cases of the week this year. Many more people just looked and tried to solve our cases from time to time. Here are all the users from this past year, and remarkably we have had more visitors from Africa.

Congratulations to all successful solvers! We would also like to thank all of those who had the generosity of their time to share their cases; would not be able to continue without those. 

Have a Happy Winter Solstice !

Philippe, Franti & Federico

P.S. In case we forgot to include your winning entry, please do remind us (send the E-mail). You will not offend us at all!


Top first time winners - physicians

Uri Aliyeva
23 solved cases, Azerbaijan


Huru is our top winner this year, with 23 cases solved.

She is 39-year-old, married and has a large family, which she considers the most important relation in her world. 

She is a radiologist and works for one of the well-known private hospitals in Baku, called "Aysmed".

She likes hobby learning languages. ¨ For me, each language is a separate world.¨  She loves cacti 😊too.

¨One of my greatest dreams as a member of Azerbaijan Fetal Education and Research Team is to work at Fetal Centre.
And finally I’m much obliged to Dr. Azer for all he does for us. We are still learning from him.¨


Shafiga Hamzayeva
22 solved cases, 


Shafiga is from Azerbaijan and I lives in Baku.

She works as a radiolog in MedEra Hospital. She has 2 sons. 

¨I live to do fetal ultrasound and it take important part of my life. I would like to thanks first to my teacher Azer Ferec. Thank you for The Fetus.¨


Uliviye Jafarova

21 solved cases, Azerbaijan

¨First of all, I want to thank you for the great impact that the competition you hold had on my education and development¨

Ulviyya is graduated from Azerbaijan Medical University in 2000. 

She is working as an ultrasound doctor in a public maternal hospital. She has done internship related to her job in Turkey and attended a conference of ISOUG in Germany recently. 

She is married and has two sons. Her elder son is studying in the USA and majoring in Computer Science.

¨Finally, I am very grateful again for the the vital role you and Azer Farajov played in my development as a sophisticated doctor.¨


Petra Turnova
21 solved cases, Slovakia


¨First of all, I would like to thank you for this competition and even more for the fetusnet. It is unbelievable how much you are doing for us. Well, I am soooo happy I have found you.¨

Petra worked for 7 years as an obstetrician in a small hospital with a minimal ultrasound tradition. The sad stories of her patients led her to think she could put her energy into the US diagnostics. 

¨I have been learning, trying and solving but it is not always easy without the possibility to consult with someone else. I'm grateful to you for the opportunity to take part in your competition. It’s keeping me motivated so I don’t give up.¨😉

She has two daughters, younger is 8 years old and older is 11 years old. She enjoys her family, nature, poetry, chocolate and fantastic fetal world.

Wishing you Merry Christmas and lovely New Year.


Khayala Guliyeva
19 solved cases, Azerbaijan


Khayala is a 34- year-old medical graduated from Azerbaijan. 

She works as a radiologyst at Modern Hospital and Andromed clinic in Baku. She is happily married and has two kids, a son and a daughter.

¨I am fond of travelling and I am a keen reader. I enjoy spending quality time with my family and friends¨

She would like to thank to Dr Azar Faraj not only as a teacher but also a motivational leader who has an invaluable role in her life. 


Filiz Ozturk
19 solved cases, Turkey


Filiz is graduated from Hacettepe University in Turkey. 

She worked as an obstetrician-gynecologist between 2006-2017 and since then as perinatology fellow assistant at Ankara City Hospital. 

She has three very sweet and handsome boys. She wants to thank her husband for his endless support.

¨I am very happy to be a member of which is very instructive and enjoyable experience for me. I would like to thank Cem Yaşar Sanhal for introducing me to this group and Philippe Jeanty and his team for their great work.''


Sijak Vanja
19 solved cases, Serbia
Sijak  has been watching our COW´s competition for several years but this year he mustered up some courage to finally take part in it.

For the past 20 years, he worked in the regional hospital of Zrenjanin, where he is still employed as a gynecologist. Ninety percent of his daily work is done in the delivery room and op room, which includes various laparoscopic, oncologic and classic surgeries. This is why he takes perinatology as a hobby of sort, which is very fulfilling.

¨I would like to express my admiration and gratitude towards you and your team for incredible cases and I hope that you will lead this competition and this organization for years to come. I have to be thankful to my family’s patience, especially my wife, who is an astounding architect, to whom all of this looks like a childish competition, my younger son Ognjen who is my lector since my knowledge of the English language is not at an “admirable” level and of course my older son who is currently studying medicine.¨


Eleonora Saibova
18 solved cases, Azerbaijan
Eleonora is from Azerbaıjan and lives in Baku.

She is married and has two daughter.
She works in State Polyclinic.

She likes reading books, listening music and travelling in he free time.

Congratulations !!!!
Kadriye Yakut
18 solved cases, Turkey
Kadriye worked as a perinatology fellow at Zekai Tahir Burak Training and Research Hospital, Turkey for three years. She becomes a perinatology specialist in 2019.

¨Trying to solve the given cases, has significantly contributed to my personal development as it provided me with different perspectives, made me look at the cases from different angles and helped me improve interpretation skills¨.    
She would like to thanks to Cem Yaşar Sanhal for having introduced her to Sonoworld and the Fetus.Net family.  Also wants to thank to Phillippe Jeanty, Moshe Bronshtein, Frantisek Grochal and Federico Badano for their contributions.



Top first time winners - sonographers

Shelby Babcock
10 solved cases, USA


Shelby is our too winner sonographer this year!

¨I have been a sonographer for 16 years, 12 of which have been spent in Maternal Fetal Medicine. I have had the privilege of working in multiple MFM practices across Nevada, Arizona, and now Texas. I have had the opportunity to learn from some of the most amazing physicians, and work alongside very talented sonographers. I have a passion for fetal echo, and enjoy continuously learning in the field. I enjoy spending my off time with my husband and two children.¨


Chelsea Rogers
7 solved cases, USA

Chelsea  grew up on a small hobby farm in Smithton, Missouri. 
She works at a private MFM practice in Columbia, Missouri. 

She is married and has a beautiful 7-year-old daughter, Lexie. 

¨My hobbies include crafting, quilting, and traveling. I love the investigating it takes to be a sonographer and I have met some amazing patients along the way. Thank you for putting so much work into the website and challenging us with your cases. I look forward to each new case!¨


Charith Meewala
4 solved cases, Australia

Charith is a general sonographer working in Melbourne, Australia at Capital Radiology.

He is interested in learning fetal and skeletal ultrasound.

He enjoy music and playing guitar.


Amy Zdansky
4 solved cases, USA


Amy has been in the MFM and OB/Gyn specialty for almost 20 years. 

¨I’m in Corpus Christi, Texas. Hobbies I enjoy are farming, animals, plants, and nature. Happy to participate in the challenging Love learning and research.¨


Top first time winners - students

Cassandra Kaplan Heidinger
2 solved cases, USA



Previous top winners - physicians

Javier Cortejoso
24 solved cases, Spain


Javier is among our top winners again!

Here your words...

¨This year we have covered 500 Cases of the week on I would like to reflect on how we have changed in these 20 years. The first case of, a triploidy, might seem like a simple case today. Only two people got the correct answer. The number of participants who got the correct answer in case 500 was 131. The great change that has come concerning our diagnostic capacity, a true revolution in the assistance we provide to pregnant women, is mainly due to the improvement of ultrasonic equipment. However, the beautiful images that we achieve today would be useless if there were no experts able to obtain and interpret them That is why Philippe, Federico, Franti and are so important, as they help us with their clairvoyant vision of ultrasound teaching.¨


Nickolay Petrovich Veropotvelyan
22 solved cases, Ukraine
Nickolay is the director of the "Multiregional Medical Genetics and Prenatal Diagnostics Center named after P.N.Veropotvelyan",
He is Doctor of Medical Sciences,Honored Doctor of Ukraine.

Prenatal and Interventional fetal ultrasound is his favorite work and hobby since 1984. He is interested in genetics,reproductive, maternal & fetal medicine also. He is a popular speaker too.
He is married and has two lovely sons: elder one is IT-engineer and younger is a schoolboy; his wife is a hairdresser stylist. 
His hobbies are driving,sniping and reading.


Lusine Karapetyan
21 solved cases, Russia

Lusine is very glad to be among winners another year!!!! remains great educational platform for her and she is happy to be the part of it!!

¨I'm still working at the Moscow city clinical hospital named after E.O.Muhin (#70).¨



Olga Ivanitskaya
21 solved cases, Russia

¨Dear Philippe, Fede and Franti! Thank you so much for your great work bringing together so many people and giving all of us the unique opportunity to learn something new! Many thanks to all the doctors who share their unique cases! And many thanks to everyone who solves them!)¨


Halil Mesut
21 solved cases, Turkey

¨This is the fourth-year that I have truly been enjoying being part of “” family ; I am sincerely honored to be on the list of winners of the year one more time. This awesome and incomparable site with its great masters, has always added to my knowledge and experience.
In 2019, my passion has moved me to a new level, rendering my decision to establish my own “Ultrasonography Fetus screening center”. This has been a wonderful step for me, assisting me in provision of a higher quality service to my community and my patients.¨



Cem Yasar Sanhal
21 solved cases, Turkey


Cem moved to his home town Antalya last year and he has been working in Akdeniz University Perinatology Department as Ass.Prof since then.

¨I am very proud to be in the list for the third time. I dedicate this success to Dr Fehmi Yazıcıoğlu, who was the first Turkish perinatologist in this list many years ago (when I was a student in university) and inspired me and many Turkish doctors, with the great knowledge and wisdom. I again thank to my dear family for the endless support.¨

And finally, he wants to mention his appreciations for Dr. Philippe Jeanty, Dr. Moshe Bronshtein, Dr. Frantisek Grochal and Dr. Federico Badano regarding the priceless work in and community, and other members who make invaluable contributions.


Murat Kaya
20 solved cases, Turkey


Umber Agarwal
19 solved cases, UK


Umber is a consultant in Maternal-Fetal Medicine working at Liverpool Women's NHS Foundation Trust, one of the largest standalone maternity service providers in the UK. 

¨I am incredibly delighted to have made it amongst the top few winners of ''Case of the Week'' Challenge for now 2nd year in a row. I am indebted to Dr Jeanty, Fede and Franti, and all members who have contributed to this forum. Without you, we wouldn't be here.
I am as proud as I can be to working amongst a very small group of extremely dedicated and hard working individuals who always are prepared to go the extra mile when it comes to patient care. I could not have worked in a better setting where there is a well established tertiary fetal MDT environment. Every day, every case is a new learning. I am also privileged to have been recently appointed as fetal medicine Curator for BAPS (British Association of Paediatric Surgeons) website, where I hope to teach the budding Paediatric Surgeons of tomorrow some interesting aspects of fetal medicine relevant to them.
I am always as ever thankful to my wife and daughter who has just turned 8! for bearing with me and supporting in my academic endeavours.
As a family, we continue to pursue our hobbies which are mainly centered around our daughter, who wants to excel in dance, drama, singing and music !¨ 


Irina Andrusenko
21 solved cases, Russia

Irina is again among the winners!

She really likes mental analytic work and solve puzzles and establish the truth.

Her hobby is sniper shooting.

Congratulations !!!


Previous top winners - sonographers

Dianna Heidinger
13 solved cases, USA

Dianna has been a fan of COW for decades. 

¨I look forward to the new case of the week, and have learned so much from you! Thank you so much. I am a perinatal sonographer in Las Vegas, I’m originally from South Dakota, and my hobbies include trying to stay fit in order to avoid work related injury.¨


Claudette Schekorra
10 solved cases, USA


Claudette is celebrating 18 years with MFM and 28 years in Ultrasound.

¨Still love it every single day but do look forward to world travels in just a few short years. Thank you C.O.W. for keeping it interesting.¨


Shona Whitmell
8 solved cases, Canada

Shona lives in rural Ontario, Canada with her husband and 2 dogs.  

She has 3 adult children and has recently taken up crochet on top of her many other hobbies.

She has been a sonographer for 21 years and has worked at a small hospital for 20 years of them.

¨Some time ago one of our radiologists introduced me to The and I’ve been a fan ever since. I have made it a personal challenge to attempt each case, some years more successful than others and I love it.¨


Padmanaban Koochu Govindaraju
7 solved cases, India
Padmanaban had ultrasound training in India at Precision Diagnostics.

¨I'm grateful to Raju Venkatraman, Dr Bobji Kettay, Dr Rajan, Dr Bharathi Dhala, Dr Sathyabhama and all other radiologists who brought me in to this fascinating world of ultrasound.¨

He is currently working at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Trust.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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